Posts How I was able to got 1000$ bounty from a ds-store-file

How I was able to got 1000$ bounty from a ds-store-file



Hello gents and ladies :), In this blog we will talk about one bug I was found before and to know I did not get this bug in just 5 minutes to know It needs experience with some patience to get some bug that was I mean, you need to learn more to be able to get a lot of bugs it’s not a superpower but it’s called a continuity pursuit.

The Starter?

I will teach you how to get bounty from ds-store-file in 5 minutes [I Just kidding]. Let’s Start with the starter pack.. In the first I was just collect some information about the subdomains and the ASNs numbers and check the Public CVEs with some tools I will montion them in below. When I was collect the information I found the /.DS_Store I avilable I was know there is a tools easist to dump this file with the terminal I will montion there in the exploit section, I think to here we was talk about noting important let’s go to the exploit section.

Tools used in the Exploit

1 - Subfinder 2 - Httpx 3 - Nuclei 4 - ds_store_exp

Shout out to @projectdiscovery


Hello again, In the first I was run a subfinder with httpx and got about 100 subdomain is alive and send this output to the nuclei public templates not a private. And after this I will still wait to finish those tools but with the owasp zap proxy I was do some manual searching about bug with this proxy and still nothing Important but after the Nuclei finished I found a subdomain with Info severity file called /.DS_Store after this I clone the ds_store_exp tool and use it to dump the file after dump I found a directory with a debug error from a Laravel Framework called Symfony watch the image below..


But before that, I just saw a big error I can’t understand anything about it but after some clicks, I got the image above. let’s continue

But after that, I report the bug as just debug enabled but one from the trigger team told me it’s not a bug what is the impact you can get from it, In the first reaction from me it was I can’t get anything but after some minutes about one hour, I click on the latest button on the left and found cookies and IP it’s not formed me it was for one from the trigger team in the program and I try to use that cookie on the main site It was the exciting thing I take over the account with just a debug mode enabled just need one click from the user to go to the error page and I can just steal his cookies.

I think it is a high impact now but the team consider it as a medium, I don’t understand why.

Time Line

1 - Submit the Report at Aug 14th - 2021. 2 - More information at Aug 14th - 2021. 3 - Send a new information at Aug 14th - 2021. 4 - Triged at Aug 14th - 2021. 5 - Recive a bounty at Aug 19th - 2021 It was a 500$ bounty and 500$ bouns.

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